Position title
Cook / Chef Jobs in Germany
Job Location
Remote work from: IN; USA; AU; NZ; DK; HK; JP; KZ; MY; SG; TW; TH; UZ; VN; AT; BY; BE; FR; DE; GR; NL; RU; ES; CH; UK; GB; DZ; KW; QA; MA; SA; MX; AE; CA; GT; DO

Base Salary
Rs.38-Rs.56 Per hour

High School, 10th, 12th Pass, Graduate Depends upon Position

Employment Type
Full-time, Part-time

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Seasonal Worker Jobs in New Zealand

1. Fruit Picking and Packing

Description: Seasonal fruit picking and packing jobs are abundant in New Zealand, particularly in regions like Hawke's Bay, Bay of Plenty, and Marlborough. Workers are responsible for harvesting a variety of fruits such as apples, kiwifruit, grapes, and berries. Tasks include picking fruits by hand, sorting them, and packing them for distribution.


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  • Physical fitness and ability to work long hours outdoors.
  • Attention to detail and ability to handle fruit carefully to avoid damage.
  • No prior experience required, but an ability to work quickly and efficiently is beneficial.

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2. Vineyard Work

Description: Vineyard workers are needed mainly in the Marlborough and Central Otago regions. Tasks include vine pruning, canopy management, grape harvesting, and general maintenance of the vineyard.


  • Basic knowledge of vineyard operations is advantageous but not necessary.
  • Good physical condition and ability to perform repetitive tasks.
  • Willingness to work in varying weather conditions.

3. Dairy Farm Assistant

Description: Dairy farming is a significant industry in New Zealand, with seasonal positions available for farm assistants. Duties include milking cows, feeding livestock, maintaining equipment, and assisting with calving.


  • Previous experience with livestock is preferred but not essential.
  • Strong work ethic and ability to work early mornings and long hours.
  • Good communication skills and ability to follow instructions.

4. Horticulture Worker

Description: Horticulture workers are required for planting, cultivating, and harvesting vegetables and flowers. Positions are available in regions like Canterbury and Waikato. Responsibilities include soil preparation, planting seeds or bulbs, weeding, and pest control.


  • Ability to perform physical labor and work efficiently.
  • Basic understanding of plant care and maintenance.
  • No specific experience required, but a willingness to learn and adapt is essential.

5. Seafood Processing

Description: Seasonal jobs in seafood processing are available along the coasts, particularly in Nelson and Marlborough. Workers process fish and shellfish, which involves cleaning, filleting, packing, and sometimes working in cold storage environments.


  • Ability to work in cold and wet conditions.
  • Good hand-eye coordination and ability to perform repetitive tasks.
  • No previous experience required, but reliability and a good work ethic are important.

6. Ski Resort Staff

Description: During the winter months, ski resorts in areas like Queenstown and Wanaka hire seasonal staff for various roles including lift operators, ski instructors, hospitality workers, and maintenance personnel.


  • Depending on the role, relevant experience (e.g., ski instructors need certification).
  • Customer service skills for roles involving direct interaction with guests.
  • Ability to work in cold conditions and a love for outdoor activities.

7. Tourism and Hospitality

Description: Seasonal tourism and hospitality jobs are plentiful in tourist hotspots like Rotorua, Queenstown, and Auckland. Positions include tour guides, hotel staff, restaurant servers, and baristas.


  • Previous experience in hospitality is a plus but not required for entry-level positions.
  • Excellent customer service and communication skills.
  • Flexibility to work weekends and holidays.

8. Christmas Tree Farm Worker

Description: Seasonal work at Christmas tree farms involves planting, pruning, and harvesting Christmas trees. This work is typically available in regions like Canterbury and Waikato in the months leading up to Christmas.


  • Physical fitness and ability to work outdoors in various weather conditions.
  • Attention to detail and ability to handle trees carefully.
  • No prior experience needed, but a positive attitude and willingness to learn are essential.

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Date posted
May 29, 2024
Valid through
December 31, 2050
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Position: Cook / Chef Jobs in Germany

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