Position title
Food Production Jobs in UK
Job Location
United Kingdom
Remote work from: IN; USA; AU; NZ; DK; HK; JP; KZ; MY; SG; TW; TH; UZ; VN; AT; BY; BE; FR; DE; GR; NL; RU; ES; CH; UK; GB; DZ; KW; QA; MA; SA; MX; AE; CA; GT; DO

Base Salary
Rs.38-Rs.56 Per hour

High School, 10th, 12th Pass, Graduate Depends upon Position

Employment Type
Full-time, Part-time

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Food Production Jobs in the UK

The UK's food production industry offers a diverse range of opportunities, from working on large farms to contributing to innovative food manufacturing processes. Here's a breakdown of some prominent areas within food production and the types of jobs available:


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Agriculture and Farming:

  • Farmworkers (Unskilled/Skilled): These roles involve general farm maintenance, planting, harvesting, operating machinery (with training), and caring for animals (may require experience for specialized livestock).
  • Agricultural Technicians (Skilled): Utilize their knowledge of agriculture and technology to assist with tasks like soil testing, crop management, and implementing sustainable practices.
  • Farmers (Skilled): Manage all aspects of a farm's operations, including crop selection, livestock management, financial planning, and ensuring adherence to regulations.

Food Manufacturing:

  • Production Line Workers (Unskilled/Skilled): Perform repetitive tasks on production lines, requiring dexterity and the ability to follow instructions. Some roles may involve operating basic machinery after training.
  • Food Technologists (Skilled): Develop and improve food products, ensuring quality, safety, and adherence to regulations. They may also work on recipe development and food preservation techniques.
  • Food Processing Operatives (Skilled): Operate machinery for various processes like mixing ingredients, packaging products, and maintaining hygiene standards.
  • Quality Control Inspectors (Skilled): Ensure food products meet quality and safety standards through testing and inspection procedures.

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Other Food Production Sectors:

  • Fishery Workers (Skilled/Unskilled): Roles may involve catching fish, shellfish farming, processing seafood in factories, or working in fish markets (retail aspects).
  • Butchery and Meat Processing (Skilled): Butchers cut and prepare meat for sale, while meat processors work in factories to ensure hygiene and safety during processing.
  • Bakery and Pastry Production (Skilled): Bakers and pastry chefs create various baked goods, requiring knowledge of ingredients, baking techniques, and food safety.

Important Considerations:

  • Skill Level: Food production offers opportunities for both skilled and unskilled workers. Training and experience can significantly improve your career prospects.
  • Work Environment: Jobs may involve working outdoors in all weather conditions, adhering to safety regulations, and potentially performing physically demanding tasks.
  • Salary: Salaries vary depending on experience, skill level, and the specific job role.

Overall, food production jobs in the UK play a vital role in the food supply chain. They offer a diverse range of opportunities, from working directly with animals and crops to contributing to innovative food manufacturing processes. If you're interested in food, enjoy working with your hands, and are adaptable to various work environments, a career in food production could be a fulfilling choice.

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Date posted
May 24, 2024
Valid through
December 31, 2050
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Position: Food Production Jobs in UK

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